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Sr. Jeya Principal
Greetings !

By education, I mean an all-around drawing out of the best in the child’s body, mind and spirit. - Mahatma Gandhi

Education has the power to transform individuals, society, and the whole world. In a fast-growing world providing the all-around development of children is the need of the hour. Children need to be equipped to face the challenges of the world and solve real-life challenges.

Presentation Convent School at Pachama, Sehore works towards nurturing young minds to blossom into responsible and enlightened citizens of our nation through quality education. School is a fertile ground that ensures a joyful learning atmosphere for little children. The curriculum of our school aims to generate smiles through motivation, energization, and the acquisition of life skills. It provides a platform for the exchange of ideas, thus creating a united and happy nation. Students are provided a platform to explore their creativity through various activities.

As we are called to take care of the evolving universe, each of us has our unique creative role to play for the betterment of this universe. We need to work together to uphold the vision of our school, to teach human values of truth, justice, equality, and harmony in a collaborative environment.

We uphold the sacrifices made by the parents to provide a better tomorrow for their children. Let us continue to work together and make this world a beautiful place for everyone to live in.

The opportunities provided in the school are aimed at developing individual talents and providing scaffolding to excel in studies. We empower students to strive for academic excellence, to be God-centred, person-oriented, and eco-sensitive.

I hope you will enjoy your visit to our school website.

Sr. Jancy Thomas Manager
Greetings !

“I can assure you, my schools are beginning to be of service to a great many parts of the world.” – Ven. Nano Nagle -

It is my privilege to write a short message for the website of Presentation Convent School, Pachama, Sehore which stands as a magnificent citadel of knowledge and life skill learning since its inception in 2018. The aim and dream of this institute is to make quality education accessible to all, in an adequately equipped infra structure which welcomes one and all. Thanks to the highly motivated and committed Management and staff who are engaged in actualizing this sacred mission. We live in a technology driven world of amazingly fast, instant and high-speed exchange of information and knowledge and it is apt for us to launch our website for instantaneous communication particularly at this time of global pandemic, Covid -19.

I take this occasion to congratulate the Principal, Staff, students and parents who are already part of this institution, for their strong sense of commitment and dedication. Let me extend an invitation to all the people of good will in our neighborhood to walk in to this temple of learning without losing time and avail the opportunities at hand and become part of the Presentation Family.

May the Almighty God continue to shower His abundant blessings upon this budding institution that it may shine as a beacon thus shaping its students to become responsible global citizens of character, conscience, competence, commitment and compassion.

May God bless us !

Sr. Lizzy Mathew North India Province Leader
Greetings !

“By degrees with the assistance of The Almighty we may do a great deal.” – Ven. Nano Nagle –

My hearty Congratulations to the Management, Staff and Students of Presentation Convent School, Pachama, Sehore, on the occasion of the launch of its website. It is indeed a proud moment for the School! I take this oppourtunity to seek God’s blessings upon each and every one of you and the continued inspiration, guidance and direction of our saintly foundress Nano Nagle, an innovative tenacious, Pioneer of education which she began way back in the 17th century. It’s her legacy which is being realized in the village of Pachama, Sehore through each of you. The launch of your school website is the beginning of many more giant steps you will be taking in the years to come. May this school become a Beacon of LIGHT that will illumine

the lives of many who will enter its sacred portal of learning just like other Presentation Convent Schools, across the globe. I feel grateful and proud of this School Management and Staff for their painstaking efforts in creating a safe Haven of wholistic and personalized Education. As you continue to put in your best into bringing up this school from a sapling to a mighty tree, I leave you with this blessing in the words of Kahlil Gibran: “Trust in your dreams, for in them is the hidden gate to eternity.” ….and may the Almighty who is able to do exceedingly and abundantly more than we can ask or think or imagine, through the power working in us, continue to bless you as you journey on from success to success in this great adventure you have embarked on.


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